Worldwide, Israel is often thought of as a place of conflict and despair, when in reality it has one of the best operating economies in the world. From real estate to technology, the country known as “start-up” nation creates opportunities and has a booming economy.

Some quotes on the growth and business opportunities in Israel:

  • “Israel is today recognized as a start-up nation, well-renowned for its breakthrough innovations and achievements in the field of hi-tech. Its business environment, reservoir of high-level human resources, creativity and innovative approaches presents attractive investment opportunities waiting to be tapped.” President Shimon Peres
  • “Israel became a high-tech hothouse because she had to. True, she enjoys favorable conditions for the growth of high-tech industries; chief among them, well-educated, inventive, enterprising people. Relative to the size of her population, Israel has more engineers, and sees more scientific articles published, than any other country in the world (Israel has 135 engineers per 10,000 people; the US has 85).” Globes
  • “Israel is a nation that is continually advancing amazing entrepreneurial ideas and concepts. Its breathtaking.” Ron Hershco, Hershco Properties
  • Israel’s advanced technologies are in great demand and many Israeli-developed applications can now be found in the products of multi-national companies in the communications, computers, information systems, medicine, optics, consumer goods and software sectors.” Nisso Cohen
  • With 1,800 active start-ups—the highest seed stage  investment levels since the dot com boom of the 1990s —and a diversified high-tech pipeline spread out evenly over the communications, life sciences, semi-conductors, and internet technologies fields, Israel is poised for greater growth as a venture-backed economy.” Jewish Policy Center
  • “We need to keep our technology here at home, and build strong companies for Israel.” Yair Lapid
  • “There is enormous potential for a partnership between British business and Israeli water tech…Whether it is Israeli startups teaming Britain’s world-leading engineering consultancies to reach their global clients, or enabling British industrial companies to treat their waste-water more efficiently and at lower cost, water-tech partnerships can deliver tremendous value both to Israel and to the UK.” Matthew Gould
  • “Despite a decrease in capital raising, the figures in  fact demonstrate the strength of Israel’s high-tech industry.” Koby Simana
  • “The year 2012 was a record one in terms of the number of companies raising capital over the past decade… [Israeli] technology  developments in recent years in both cloud-based infrastructure and content delivery platforms have enabled Internet companies to mature and develop their intended technology with greater capital efficiency than any other sector.” Ofer Sela

Israel is no longer just the land of milk and honey – its also the land of stock and money.