The London Times Sewer

How is it that one million people the world over did not howl for the immediate resignation of London’s Sunday Times’ publisher and for summarily firing Gerald Scarfe the cartoonist depicting a big-nosed Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu paving a concrete wall with the blood and limbs of writhing Palestinians.

The caption beneath the despicable image “Israeli elections- will cementing peace continue?” is certainly not a political statement by any means.
What was the publisher thinking no less on International Holocaust Remembrance Day? Or on any day?

What could he so glaringly miss that Jews the world over cringed immediately.No, this wasn’t a political commentary?  Let’s not dismiss it as mere anti-Semitism. That would be overly simplistic.

On a day when Sunni Arabs are killing Palestinian Arabs in Syria, when Muslim Brotherhood Arabs are killing fellow Arab secularists in cities across Egypt, when Hamas Palestinians jail Fatah Palestinians this cartoon is a statement of the innermost feelings about Jews, Israelis, Zionists.

London’s Sunday Times is saying in their finest Kings English – make no mistake – “Jews the world over we despise your existence. That you are still here after all these millennia we have tried to eliminate you is simply not proper.”

Try to envision a similar insulting image of the Reverend Martin Luther King Jnr on his birthday. Or of Jesus on Christmas Day.  That same newspaper publisher wouldn’t see his office the next light of day.
The world has certainly witnessed the virulent hatred even killings that Muslims have responded with to their considered views of Mohamed’s degradation in cartoons.  

Jews are a civilized people. We have unfortunately gained too much experience at hatred by a nation, by a world. Crusades, Inquisitions, Holocaust, blood libels, and the modern day vile United Nations a body complicit with the Arab world’s denial of a democracy that provides more freedom to its Arab citizenry than any Arab State.

This cartoon is sinister not for its imagery of Prime Minister Netanyahu. The Israeli media is not too kind in its own depictions of its highest elected officials. Were this picture to have been printed in Iran, by Hamas or Hezbollah, by any of hundreds of newspapers or websites in Muslim countries we could more understand it. But to hear a deafening silence in one of the world’s oldest democracies, England, requires nothing less than the Queen getting off her throne and showing the despicable Scarfe the door to the London sewer.

Jews the world over read this week in The Old Testament, Exodus 15:1 the salvation of its Nation from Pharaoh. So too we shall be saved from the ravages of cartoonists, newspaper publishers and mere men who portray themselves as gods.

About the Author
David Mandel is Chief Executive Officer of OHEL Children's Home and Family Services in New York