This new bill says something to this extent: if discovered that Jewish homes were unintentionally built on privately owned land in the West Bank, then these houses do not need to be destroyed but rather, the original land owners will receive 125% of its value.

Opposition against this bill has basically said (over and over again) that this is theft (it is not, because the owners are compensated), a plot to expropriate Arab Palestinian lands (it is not, because the ownership after serious research must have been unknown at the time of the building; rather it’s to prevent senseless home destructions) and that it is a racist war crime (anything Zionist do is a racist war crime for Jew haters).

Some have admitted that the legality of this upcoming bill is disputed, but few have pointed out that Israel is a democratic State where racism is unlawful and human rights are a priority of the High Court, so that if it’s really not OK it won’t become law.

Furthermore, the idea that almost everyone agrees that this bill is a scandal is an exaggeration. Here you have 14 links to news items and lay articles by different competent authors. Most of them give original in depth presentations of why this bill may hold up to reason and justice.

This is of course only of interest to people who are into information, truth and honesty.

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So don’t parrot hostile politicians, media and social media that claim through nonsense, lying and cherry picking that this bill is wrong. If you want to join the discussion with integrity and intelligence, first inform yourself.

If you then must say something critical of Israel, say that what the government deems possible on the West Bank should be valid in the Negev too, to stop destruction of Bedouin homes, as explained here.