As I mentioned earlier, the US gun lobby has bribed a substantial number of political leaders in the US. Its sole ideal is to make money, under cover of the following “arguments”:

  • Listen, people die eventually anyway; if they’d be carrying a gun, no gun might have taken their lives.
  • The more guns the safer society is. Statistics show differently, but in the individual case, a gun may save your life.
  • Some people get very sentimental after shootings. Individual sentiment though is just not scientific and objective enough as basis for policy.

President Trump now took the lead how to get more guns sold in the wake of a mass shooting in a school. Arm more people in schools. Arm more people around schools. Tighten background checks so that crazies can’t get a gun so easily spoiling the fun for the other crazies.

He must mean: Look, if even I can be president of the country, teachers could be gun experts, no?

Murder and mass murder are terrible. Firearms are not the cause – the cause is people who pull the trigger unjustifiable. Ban people who do that, not guns. You don’t ban cars just because some people refuse to head the traffic rules.

Whatever we discuss, it should be clear that we need more guns, not less because people may be bad but guns are good.

And about the easy availability of semi-automatic weapons: mass shootings unnerve but statistically more people are murdered per year by simple guns than by sophisticated ones.

Pull the other one; it has bells on it.

Meanwhile, leave it to the NRA to know that attack is the best form of defense, that the best defense is a good offense.

While possibly Russia stokes the fires of fake news conspiracy theories.