An argument that has often been cited as a justification for the banning of circumcision in Europe is that parents must not impose their own religious beliefs in a manner that it may hurt their children. To be helpful to European lawmakers I am proposing some laws that could help European countries further prevent the indoctrination of children against their will.

  • Baptism of children must be made illegal. A baptism represents the child entering the Christian religion and therefore violates a fundamental right, Freedom of Religion. By baptizing their children, parents are entering them into the Christian Church and not allowing the children to practice whatever religion they want.
  • Parents must not be allowed to bring their children to church. At church, children may be tricked into worshipping a religion they do not truly feel connected to. Priests often use frightening imagery of Hell and Satan to scare children into following the Christian religion. Many atheists report being psychologically traumatized as they were forcefully brought to Church by their parents.
  • Religious symbols, including necklaces, bracelets and tattoos, are strictly prohibited from the public square. In addition, European citizens may not talk about religion in the presence of anyone under the age of 18 as children often look up to adults, and could therefore be coerced into observing a certain religion.
  • Any religious schools, including Sunday school, must be abolished. Religious teachers often use their influence to pressure children to adopt a certain religion. Therefore, children may never be enrolled in any kind of religious program. However, at the age of 18, when they are able to make an informed choice, any European citizen may enter the first grade of any religious school.
  • Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are often used to trick gullible children into observing religious holidays. Children may experience great distress as Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny coerce them into following a religion that they do not want to follow. Thus, any likeness of these two figures must not be allowed to appear in public, including but not limited to school performances, TV shows and in malls. Adults wishing to see any Santa Claus or Easter Bunny impersonators at their own volition must show ID.
  • Many European flags contain crosses. This is both illegal and offensive as it clearly favors Christianity over other religions. Children are exposed to these flags as every day and there are many reports of children subconsciously being coerced into worshipping Jesus by seeing these flags. Therefore, any flags containing crosses must be changed. Symbols that may be substituted include hearts, smiley-faces and non-religious stars, as these symbols are sure not to cause psychological harm to children.
  • In addition to these proposals, the European Union must create a Committee to investigate other ways in which children are being coerced and psychologically abused at the hands of their parents and various European governments. The European Union must no longer allow these barbaric practices to continue, under the pretense of which thousands of children are injured each and every day.