As you gather around the table to celebrate breaking the chains that enslaved and discuss our wanderings in the desert, please don’t forget those that are less fortunate and may be alone. Reach out with a smile, extend your warm hand and share your blessings. Baruch HaShem


T’was the first night of Pesach,

 And all through the house,

Not a crumb left of chumetz,

 Could be found by a mouse,


 The foods of the holiday,

 Were prepared with great love,

 It was as if divine inspiration,

 Came from G-d high above,


 The Seder begins,

 And blessings recited,

 Haggadahs are read,

 And Elijah invited,


 The afikoman is hidden,

 To be found a bit later,

 Four questions are asked,

 By the youngest at Seder,


 Four cups are consumed,

 Ten plagues are a must,

 Our enslavement had ended,

 In Moses we trust,


 Crossed the Red Sea,

 The tabernacle built,

 Moses down from the mount,

 Forty years for our guilt,


 The story is told,

 Our history preserved,

 Our songs of joy sung,

 And then dinner is served,


 Gefilte fish and matzoh,

 Charoset, soup and wine,

 Brisket and veggies,

 Our meal oh so fine,


 It’s time for dessert,

 Macaroons so sweet

 Fresh fruit and some tea,

 Complete the Pesach treat.


 Next year in Jerusalem,

 We all must say,

 May we be blessed by G-d,

 For 120 years and a day.


 ~ Me ♥

~ Chag Pesach Sameach

(N.B.: for any new readers,  “~Me ♥” is my poet’s signature and my words are all original. Please feel free to share.)