It has been thirteen years since Al Qaeda carried out one of the worst tragedies in American history in the name of Allah, and the President of the United States just claimed that Islam is a religion of peace.

It has been three months since Hamas instigated a war against Israel and used their own women and children as human shields in accordance with a Quran based charter that advocates murdering Jews, and the President of the United States just claimed that no religion condones the killing of innocents.

Today, thousands of Christians and Muslims are being slaughtered under the hands of the most brutal and relentless terrorist group of our time, as they yell “God is Great” before beheading American infidels, and the President of the United States just claimed that ISIS is not Islamic.

In Obama’s special address on combating the Islamic State yesterday, he announced that America will be responding through force to combat the threat of terror in Iraq. This appears to be a competent response to the crisis that Iraq and the entire world is facing, as ISIS supporters pop up in America and other Western countries like Britain and Canada.

So why can’t Obama just assure his country that they will be protected and condemn these Muslim terrorists for what they are? MUSLIM TERRORISTS. Why does he feel so compelled to be politically correct when thousands of innocent people have died under the wrath of multiple extremist organizations that may be loosely connected but are equally bound in their quest for global jihad in the name of the same prophet?

It is because we live in an era of political correctness where acknowledging that there are components to a certain religion that advocate genocide is offensive. We are killing ourselves with branding the truth as Islamophobic.

From ISIS, Hamas, Boko Haram and Hezbollah, today’s terrorist organizations themselves warn the world that they wish to exterminate infidels, wage jihad and spread an Islamic caliphate across the Middle-East and beyond. Most Muslims are not terrorists, but today most terrorists are Muslim. That is not “Islamophobic”; it is a fact.

It needs to be proven that the majority of Muslims in the world are peaceful and do not condone the actions of groups such as ISIS, but where are these millions of Muslims? Are they taking to the streets to condemn extremists of their own faith for misrepresenting Islam? Are young people marching across University campuses to show the world that Islam is a religion of peace? It seems to me that the only time “moderate” Muslims protest anything is when Jews are involved. This summer riots exploded across Western Europe, Canada and the US to condemn Israel for killing Palestinians, but I’ve never seen the angry passion that these protestors have for the Palestinian cause channeled in condemning Muslims who kill other Muslims. Why is that? Perhaps because it is an inconvenient battle that does not stem from the teachings of Islam, as hating Jews does.

According to Obama, the fact that ISIS murders other Muslims means that religion has nothing to do with it. He implies that any extremist who commits murder in the name of their religion and kills people of that same faith is exempt from association with that religion.

According to Obama no religion condones the murder of innocents. He must have not read the Quran. It is fair to say that there is text within both Christian and Jewish scriptures as well that discuss themes of violence and murder, but the difference is that there are currently no Jewish or Christian terrorist groups who are literally trying to take over the world.

The Christians left their crusades behind hundreds of years ago and the Jews have embraced coexistence in the diaspora and in Israel. Islam is the only religion today that still follows the laws of their scripture which conflict with the rule of law that most societies of the 21st century have embraced. The violence associated with terror stems from Shariah Law which is in essence ‘Islamic’. How can ISIS terrorism not be Islamic?

The President opened his speech by denying that terrorism is not Islamic on the thirteenth anniversary of the day when three-thousand innocent people lost their lives to a group of terrorists with the EXACT same mentality and goals that ISIS perpetuates today. This demonstrates that he has learned absolutely nothing from the 9/11 attacks. Obama’s desperate attempt to avoid offending Islam on this specific day is a grotesque insult to every American, every victim who lost their life on that horrific day in the name of Islam and every Muslim who continues to suffer under Islamic oppression.

Obama promises to “degrade, and ultimately destroy, ISIL through a comprehensive and sustained counter-terrorism strategy.” But most poignantly, he promises not to hurt anyone’s feeling by admitting that the bloodthirsty murderers trying to destroy the civilized world as we know it have anything to do with the religion of Islam.

This sort of weak fear to acknowledge the enemy, is precisely what separates the cowardly and ineffective Obama Administration Foreign Policy from the resolute, principled and action-guided Conservative mentality that has always embraced what it means to protect your nation and kill those who want you dead.

The President ended his speech by stating, “And our own safety – our own security – depends upon our willingness to do what it takes to defend this nation, and uphold the values that we stand for – timeless ideals that will endure long after those who offer only hate and destruction have been vanquished from the Earth.”

President Obama should stick to that goal instead of focusing so hard on denying a harsh reality and thereby insulting the thousands of Jews, Christians and Muslims alike who have all died in the name of Islam.