The power of deterrence is a powerful and well-known tool used by countries to prevent or attempt to prevent another country or entity from attacking.

It works as follows: If the benefits of attacking the enemy will be greater than the destruction inflicted in the enemy’s expected counter attack, then the attack should be executed. If the benefits will be outweighed by the damage, then the attack should be avoided.

The power of deterrence has always been applied to countries or groups in other countries, and in our days, it tends to be applied against terrorist groups; but in vain! Terrorist groups have a different set of values as to their profits and losses analysis. This can be seen in how Hamas operates, clearly compromising thousands of houses and hundreds of combatants, hundreds of operational facilities and funds, for an endeavor which their benefit (by western standards) was catastrophic! Hamas knew how destructive the Israeli retaliation would be, but to them there is no importance or responsibility as a country or entity to see to their people’s security and overall well-being. What they see as their rational way of thinking is for from what we see as rational thinking. Hamas needed this destruction so that it could ultimately negotiate with Israel, set demands, and if only one demand would be met, Israel’s deterrence over Hamas would be dangerously affected . There is no need to compromise with Hamas.

Every negotiation needs to be based around negotiations with the Palestinian Authority and concessions must be made only by disarming Hamas and the continuation of the peace process. If there is even one concession, Hamas will sing its songs of victory, and according to their ideology, the ends always justify the means.