Every Rosh Hashanah on my annual lengthy wish-list, right up there with good health, is the primary chart topper: peace.

This year, more than ever, it’s in bold and underlined.

One of the most complex things we learn to accept in personal development life coaching is that we cannot change or control someone else. We cannot change or control what happens to us. We may inspire or influence another life but the only person we truly manage and control is ourselves. And therefore we can only control what we let happen within us.

So how is it that my deepest wish and highest hope is for peace – something that is so seemingly far from my tiny realm of control?

I believe that if every single person in the world would introspect, spend time in nature, write, pray, connect, find their passion, create a life of real beauty, honest pleasure and principled-meaning around that calling, discover their positive purpose in this precious lifetime which always includes the benefit and good for another person through kindness, service, cooperation and mutual respect – then that shining example of a life inspired & well-lived would inevitably empower those close by to do the same.

Imagine if we were led by optimistic people who were problem-solvers, driven to make this world that much better and who do so much good? Imagine being surrounded by parents, teachers, managers, community leaders who have a positive vision for the future, who encourage, uplift and are committed to goals that make a significant difference to the quality of life of those around them? Imagine if every person unwrapped their precious gifts from above and welcomed unthinkable, enormous potential into the universe: talents, skills, ideas – all for the betterment of life. I personally can’t help but feel incredibly blessed to be living in a place, working in a profession, where such values of life, invention, innovation, creativity, acceptance, tolerance and above all – making a difference to others, is held in the highest regard. This is no utopian fantasy. This can be a marvellous reality we choose to control and create by starting with ourselves.

An authentic personal development experience enables you to be more present and mindful with a clarity of focus on what truly matters to you so that you thrive with greater integrity. Living this way, means you yourself are at peace. Living this way ensures there is no room to foster jealousy, hatred and war. There is no room to promote evil, resentment or anger. There is no room to prolong grudges, constantly compare, hold onto critical judgements and allow for harm. My mindset becomes: I am trying to be the very best person I can be with everything God has blessed me with. Living this way creates peace of mind. Peace of mind begins the real peace-process.

I like to think that if every human being dedicates just enough time to awakening his or her wonderful God-Given gifts, developing a strong social interest in others and doing their unique share in building a nicer, kinder, more welcoming, safer place to live, then there would be the very real possibility and opportunity for a lasting peace in our minds and hearts, in our homes and relationships, in our schools and communities, across lands and oceans across race and religions. It begins within each and every one of us.

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. And that something can be the catalyst for many many more amazing somethings.

After the summer we have had, I have to believe Mashiach must be coming. And soon. The world is in very very dark times. So many people are filled with tremendous pain. So many are searching and aching. So many people have lost sight of whats valuable. So many are experiencing the horror that torture and death are ridiculous, unfathomable solutions to overwhelming and very disturbing troubles. So many are confused between basic right and wrong universal principles. It’s very scary. It’s very sad. It’s very bleak. And when we feel lack within, when our own lives as individuals are filled with such turmoil and chaos, riddled with fear, we cannot bring about peace outside of ourselves whilst simultaneously battling a powerful waging war within.

But each year, despite more and very challenging conditions, peace still remains the chart topper and with that unshakable hope and fervent prayer comes a magnificent, promising, and ever-comforting light.

My wish for us all is that in some small way, together with our unity and tremendous faith in Hashem’s greater plans, perhaps individually looking into ourselves, quieting our own inner-wars, awakening all we can become, taking one on more effort to silence our wrong-doings, personal development can play a vital role in enabling the ultimate possibility of peace for all of us.