Having just celebrates Israel’s 66th birthday this week, here is my list of the greatest Zionists. among so many deserving:

 1. Theodore Herzl– Visionary and a genius for political advocacy and organizing

2. Eliezer Ben Yehudah– Reviver of Hebrew as a spoken language

3.  Chaim Weitzmann– Finest Zionist diplomat and first president of Israel

4.  David Ben Gurion– the Israeli George Washington

5. Yigael Yadin– soldier, scholar, archeologist: Masada, Dead Sea Scrolls

6.  Golda MeirProdigious fundraiser and diplomat before Prime Minister

7.  Moshe Dayan– swashbuckling general and epitome of the new Israeli

8. Menachem Begin– Right-wing Prime Minster who made peace with Egypt

9. Abba Eban– Urbane diplomat and voice of Israel to the world

10. Yitzhak Rabin– soldier-turned-Prime Minster who shook Arafat’s hand