The vast majority of Israel’s citizens are refugees. Jewish refugees. Real and imaginary concerns about democratic Israel keeping its Jewish majority no doubt play a role in not wanting too many Gentile refugees.

But religious bias of the secular State of Israel seems to play a larger role than ethnic discrimination. All Black Hebrews, whom no religious Jew consider Jewish, have never been expelled and received permanent residency. But many Ethiopian Jews, recognized by major Jewish authorities, still are awaiting in Ethiopia for their right of return. And Ugandan Jews have been recognized by the Jewish Agency as admissible for immigration but after decades are still in Uganda.

Israel always has taken in Gentile refugees, though only small-scale numbers. The last group I remember are a hundred or so from Nepal after the devastating earthquakes there. But even President Rivlin, with a life-long passion to fight any racism he spots, is for the deportations.

Israel has now fenced off further entrance to African migrants. The problems therefore are now made about people who came here in the past. Why? The truth is often more shocking than fantasy.

Israel has been built in war time. Macho-ism is still rampant. Seriously lacking is some sense of win-win strategies, compromise and being good sports. So a couple of ten thousand Africans slipped in. Leave them. Give them jobs, schools, housing. We know how to do that. Don’t even check who are “proper refugees” and didn’t come here for the money only.

Israel is such a vibrant multi-ethnic society. We have Gentiles who are Chinese, Filipino, Druze, and many others living side-by-side with Jewish and Arab Palestinians. We can handle it. Some of them will turn into our best citizens. Just don’t spoil their lives; give them a chance. Relax.