Russia invades neighbouring Ukraine citing “concern over the welfare of Russian-speaking Ukrainians”.

No BDS campaign, total silence. Ethnic Ukrainians haven’t been firing rockets, bombs, bullets or other missiles at ethnic Russians – Putin simply claims something “might happen” – ample justification.

The UN issues a lame comment advising Russia to discuss its concerns.

The US bleats something about not raising the temperature in Crimea.

The EU convenes a meeting.

The Russians must by now be quaking in their boots at this exhibition of international muscle and decisiveness, while their hands are poised on the taps that control the flow of natural gas to most of Europe.

On the other hand, Palestinian Arabs fire several thousand missiles at exclusively civilian Israeli targets, and with their Fatah and Hamas leadership’s full support carry out murderous attacks on kindergarten children and sleeping babies in the Jewish state. In fact, both Fatah under the “moderate” Abbas and Hamas under the more honestly genocidal Haniyeh name schools, sports arenas and streets in honour of the “heroes” who carry out these “honourable missions”. Missions against babies who have not yet turned 1 year old.

What do the UN, US and EU do? They embark on an economic and political war against Israel to prevent the Jewish state from protecting itself.

All with the gleeful support of, and in line with the aims of, the BDS campaign.

A BDS campaign that is strangely silent following the Russian invasion and occupation of Crimea. It is the same silence that followed Turkey’s invasion and occupation of northern Cyprus – 40 years ago and still going strong. No question of boycotting goods from Russia or Turkey, divesting from their economies or sanctioning them financially, academically and politically.

BDS: it should stand for Bigoted, Discriminatory & Spiteful.

Or perhaps Belligerent, Despicable & Scabby.

Because both versions sum up the blatantly anti-Balanced, anti-Democratic and anti-Semitic nature of this vile movement.