You may very well take the moral high ground, but history has proven over and over and time again that without decisive military action there would be no ground to take, either left or right. Recently in Afghanistan and Iraq, western democracies have been calling for the formation of ‘inclusive’ governments to represent all cultural, religious and secular factions. How would it be possible to include ISIS or Hamas in a government that wishes only to destroy that government to which it was duly elected? One need only change the demographics of a nation through immigration to destroy democracy, simply to gather more votes for re-election.

Here politics and propaganda play dice with good sense, and would have you believe that the ‘right thing’ is preferable to defending your own country from chaos and coming disaster. I mean how real does it get with ISIS at the foot of the white house door calling for jihad against America! Wake up! Don’t be deterred by that tear in the devil’s eye, it is not for you. If you will not fight for God and country, the least you can do is fight to protect your home, your family and your Nation.

Better to die in freedom than live in bad faith, either way.