And it was, that when the people returned to the land, they thought to find peace there from their travails. But the inhabitants of the land looked upon them with fear and hatred, and said “Let us drive out these Israelites in our midst, for verily they serve no God but the Lord, and are repulsive to us.”

They called upon their brothers, wherewith to drive out the children of Israel. But at that time, the children of Israel did not rule the land, rather a foreign people ruled it. And the inhabitants of the land drove out the children of Israel from their homes, and put them to the sword.

And the children of Israel were weary, but they took up their swords and repulsed them. And they established a Kingdom in the land, and called it the Kingdom of Israel. But the children of Israel did not hearken to the teaching of the Lord, who had spoken thus, saying “But if ye will not drive out the inhabitants of the land from before you; then it shall come to pass, that those which ye let remain of them shall be pricks in your eyes, and thorns in your sides, and shall vex you in the land wherein ye dwell.”

The inhabitants of the land were cunning, and they said to themselves, “Let us make a new God, and the Israelites will believe in it, and the God will tell them to lay down their swords.” And so it was, they made a new God, and covered it in gold. And they called their God “Palestinian nationalism”. And the inhabitants of the land went to war in the Kingdom of Israel, and attacked all that they could find. And they sacrificed their children to it, as they used to do of old, before the Lord gave the land to the Children of Israel.

And the Children of Israel were afraid, and they said “A new God has arisen amongst the inhabitants of the land. Behold, it is a powerful God, for its followers will even die for it.” For the children of Israel were in awe of the new God.

And the Children of Israel saw that the Palestinian Nationalism was a vengeful and angry God, and they were afraid. And the inhabitants of the Land continued to make war on the Children of Israel. Some among the Children of Israel said, let us go and give offerings to the new God, and it will be appeased and its followers will make war on us no more. And they made pilgrimage to the new God, and told it “We believe in a two-God solution. In truth, we believe in two Gods for two peoples.” And it was so, and they believed that they would serve the Lord, but where the Temple of the Lord had been, a great Temple to the new God stood. And the Children of Israel said “Very well, what need have we of a temple? The Lord hath given us our land, and it is a good land, and we need no more.”

And the inhabitants of the land were pleased, for their God had delivered a great victory to them. And the word of the new God spread to the four corners of the Earth. Some espied the inhabitants of the land in their scheming, and decried the new God as false, and tore down its altars. But the followers of the new God attacked them, and called them racists and fanatics, and none heard their voice.

The children of Israel embraced the new God. They said to themselves in their cities and towns, “here, we may worship the Lord, but across that line yonder, the New God we serve.” And they observed the line meticulously, and they said amongst themselves “Sign on this line, lest ye cross it to the territory of Palestinian Nationalism, and its wrath flare up against all of us for it is a Great and Terrible God.” But the place of the Temple of the Lord was across the line, and some did not sign it.

They said “Who is this new God that you have chosen for yourselves? Beware, for it is a jealous God and knows not of this line which you have put. If we let it fester in the land, surely it will cross this line, and then where will we turn?”

And the Kingdom of Israel was in turmoil.

Now some came among the people, who called themselves not “moderates”, nor “zealots”, nor any other appellation, a mixed multitude of the people, those who had not found the new God but had not spurned him either. Some among them were those who hearken unto the Lord, and those who do not, and every part of the Children of Israel. And all the desire of their heart was righteousness and justice. In their small voice they pleaded:

“Oh, would but we could give up our homes and have peace with the inhabitants of the Land. We, beyond the line which you have drawn, we would give up our homes gladly, and the inhabitants of the Land could serve their new God here. But our mothers and fathers are buried beyond this line which you have placed, and the new God demands them too! What is more, our Lord has placed his house beyond this line! Can we move the house of our Lord for a new God? What is this line that you have drawn, whence has it come and for whom was it drawn?”

And the wisest among them remembered and said, “Did not the inhabitants of the land drive us out up to this line? Did they not try again, and did we not push this line back, to return to the places that our Lord has commanded us to serve him therein?”

So the multitude, who did not find fervour in the pursuit of the new God uncovered the plan, and they said, “We may accept peace with the inhabitants of the Land within this line, but in this false God of Palestinian Nationalism and its gospel of the holy delineation between two Gods, we shall not believe!”