After years of experience, I’ve found that the same thoughts enter my head every year. Do they seem familiar to you as well?

  1. I should have not drunk so much right before Kol Nidrei. How many times can I go to the bathroom before people start to notice?
  2. I’m so lucky I remembered to bring my tallit to maariv.
  3. Wait! What’s the original song to the tune the chazan is singing to? I can’t think of it when he keeps singing the piyut!
  4. Do that guy’s sneakers really not have any leather on them?
  5. Oh, that’s cute. My son is counting pages just like I used to do.
  6. Fasting actually gets easier every year.
  7. Bowing on the floor gets much harder every year.
  8. Does anyone actually say – let alone understand – the whole Avodah?
  9. Can Neila HAVE any more 13 midot?
  10. What would make a good post-Yom Kippur Facebook status?

Oh, and probably in there somewhere are thoughts about repentance, atonement and holiness…