I admit that most of my blog posts are very serious and maybe a bit heavy. Here, in honor of Tu beAv a light contribution.

Truth means different things to different people and may also depend on circumstance.

A constructive person: Anything that builds

An honest person: Anything factual

A pragmatist: Anything that helps me reach my goal

A con artist: Anything said by me that confuses others and gives me power or status; anything said by others that is factual

A psychopath: Anything I say

A schizophrenic: Any voice I hear

A natural scientists: Anything that is empiric

A philosopher: Anything that is consistent with other statements

A people pleaser: Anything that will not get me into trouble

A judge: Anything that is proven

A stubborn person: Anything I said before

An activist: Anything that keeps you angry

An academic: Anything that no one agrees with fully

A fish: Water

A greedy person: Anything that will bring in more cash

A therapist: Anything that makes people cry

G-d: My Seal

A daydreamer: Anything I wished were true

A news editor: Any news that sells

A humorist: Anything that brings a laugh

A blue-color worker: Anything that we can buy, build or take apart

A housewife: Anything that doesn’t need ironing

A hungry person: Bread

A Jew: Anything that enhances survival

A dead dodo: Yesterday’s news

A builder: Anything that is fundamental

A white-liar: Anything with a stretch

A sex addict: Anything

A fiction writer: Fiction

A homosexual: Marriage

A funk: Nothing

An accountant: Anything that adds up

A fool: Anything I say

A prisoner: Anything that will set you free

A slanderer: Anything they whisper

A bride: The veiled view

A painter: Anything unvarnished

A locksmith: Anything unlocked

A bartender: Anything with a twist

A torn person: Any shred

A telephone repair person: The ring of it

A nudist: Anything bare

A chemist: Any element of it

A vegan: Anything that had roots

A weather forecaster: My retrospect on yesterday’s weather

An optometrist: Any hindsight

A pessimist: Anything I told you so

An Orthodox Jew: Anything that never changes

An Israeli: Anything one may argue about

A dancer: Anything that jives

A couch potato: Anything that sticks

A carpenter: Anything with nails

An egotist: Me

A perfectionist: Anything that is whole

A liar: Anything that is relative

A hunger striker: Anything not cooked up

A maid: Anything not made up

A heterosexual: Anything straight

A traffic police: Anything goes

An average person: Anything simple