They say that those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them….and Jews more than most  have an eventful past to study. But study it or not we seem to have learned little from it.
While King Bibi  goes from strength to strength not only in Israel but in the world at large  the Jews beyond the sea, whose numbers still exceed those in the ancient homeland, are almost in open rebellion against Jerusalem.
Yes its comforting to note that Jews of almost every political persuasion and none almost universally agree that the country’s  historical capital is also the modern day one.
But it has taken a Hollywood actress of good looks and Israeli heritage to  cause the volcano which has been bubbling underground for years. Suddenly without warning Natalie Portman became the catalyst for an eruption of monumental proportions  . No one will probably ever really know  the real reason why she  refused to travel to Israel to accept the Genesis , more familiarly known as the Jewish Nobel prize. What we do know is she is no Gal Gadot posing for cameras in green army fatigues in the land she loves.
A hint that the recent  Gaza demonstrations and the bloodshed that went with it were the reasons  for  the boycott rapidly changed when the actress was speedily labelled  a supporter of the boycott and divestment movement. No, said  her  PR machine, the real reason was an objection to the inevitable presence of Prime Minister Netanyahu who would almost make the customary speech with which she would undoubtedly be at odds with.
 Now is probably the time for all who care to understand the Jewish people are tearing each other apart with an efficiency that the Arabs can only envy. There are two strings to this bow with some overlap.
The first is corruption at almost every level of Government and big business .This goes hand in hand with a Government that has demonstrated there is no humiliation it would not heap upon diaspora Jews to guarantee their own survival and then expect these self same diaspora leaders to like dogs return wagging their tails asking for more.  From blatant lies on the establishment of a pluralist pray area at the Western Wall to the locking up of thousands of African migrants be they genuine refugees or not. All has got under the others skin.
The latest move in the Knesset  to dump the courts as a final brake on the power of Government is something that would inevitably turn Donald Trump green with envy. With 80% plus of American Jews voting Democrat and the Democrats slowly but surely moving away from support of Israel the writing if not yet on the wall has people queuing up for the chalk and the crayons to get things started.
In the not too distant future  the country’s leaders minus their rose tinted glasses it will wake up horrified to discover their only support in the world is the right leaning and  currently ascendant  nationalist movements. Though at heart still uncomfortable with their new Jewish friends for the moment they admire the plucky little country that stands up for its self ,punches above it weight, and is the worldwide home of innovation.But I would not bet on it lasting before they view the Israelis as just a bunch of Jews again.
The second bow is the future of Israel and the Palestinians. Here I have a little more sympathy for Israel’s beleaguered Prime Minister. What ever way he turns he is cornered.But that is a story for another day which needs far more space then I have now.