Donald J. Trump proclaimed himself king of the Working Class and won the presidency for it. In his campaign, he stood up for “the forgotten men and women” of America. That was not only a smart move, it was also a just action. Although he very well may have done so for all the wrong reasons (conning people, getting to fame), it was more than fair and long overdue to give the ones who do the country’s work a spot in the limelight.

I know that the rich and famous love to speak for the Common Men but often they are self-appointed to that job and terribly arrogant for it. Not so, Trump. He was elected for it.

We are a year-plus further and nothing has changed.

I’m not talking about Trump benefiting the rich and stealing from the poor – and lying about it and getting away with it so far – his ratings have not changed. I’m talking about Washington DCt, from the House of Representatives (sic) to the press corps, all talking like and reasoning as the Middle Class, or only self-appointedly for Blue-Collar Workers.

When TV shows have specialists to analyze the news, why do they never present people who work with their hands? Women: check – Feminism is up and running. Non-Whites: check – US anti-Racism is activated. But anti-Classism? Laborers are still considered deplorable second-class citizens (while they are from the only real Class), good to be milked and exploited, and for the rest, they should shut up.

They supposedly don’t know how to express themselves “properly,” lack fancy words and abundant pretense to hide bigoted ideas. They are not trained in sounding intellectual, steeped in nuance, promoting opposing ideas (on the one hand …) to confuse and obscure.

In my experience, Working-Class people will say “the wrong thing,” not always being up-to-date with what is “politically correct” but that that often is just a reflection of prejudice ideas that everyone knows. But because they say it frankly, you can talk about it with them (Or scream at them for it.) While the Middle Class and up will say all the “right things” and there is nothing to talk about until you shatter the pretense. Meanwhile, the non-academics are branded the “real bigots.”

Roseanne Barr made the mistake forgetting that she wasn’t elected but had a boss, so she was fired for racist talk. But not for peddling outlandish conspiracy theories. Never mind – Trump will appoint her soon to something. Or maybe a zoo will have some job opening for her – so that she can learn about monkeys.

(Recently, she has expressed a wish to make aliyah and become Prime Minister here. Can someone please inform her that the “Israeli Trump” (Bibi) is already Jewish, reads books and never says anything homophobic, sexist, racist or degrading of any oppressed group?)

In any case, the Middle-Class show goes on. Trump obviously does not mind being the sole uncontested spokesperson of the Workers.

After more than a year, nothing has changed and nothing has been learned from Trump’s win. At this rate, he’ll win again (and have a Democratic House and Senate to “work” with), thanks to everyone who gets heated up and fired up about Racism, Sexism, and You-name-it-ism but forgets the Working Class, the Them The People.