Contrary to the interesting opinion of my fellow blogger who wrote “Memo to Attorney General: Gifts are always reciprocated,” I will show you that gifts to Netanyahu from his billionaire friends are not a problem.

Surely it says in the Ecclesiastics 20:29 “Presents and gifts blind the eyes of the wise, and stop up his mouth that he cannot reprove.”

Also, respectable and responsible lawyers, judges and public servants will not accept (and return) gifts.

Is Netanyahu above the law or all suspicion?  No, he is not.

But the claim that our PM dishonestly favored his friends have nothing to do with gifts. They are his friends, for crying out loud, not people who tried to become on friendly footing with him.

If he’s suspected of favoring them, no bribe is needed.

And reversely, if he received gifts, no additional bias is to be derived from that.

So true, gifts are troublesome and attack objectivity – but not among close family members or friends. They are partial already! And that is what friends and family are for: to be close to them and spoil them.

So if the police and state attorney want to suggest foul play, let them only look at the PM’s actions, and ignore gifts he received from friends.

So far, it’s just as he has been saying all along:

“There is nothing, there was nothing and there will be nothing.”