They gave 20 agurot (5 cents), 50 Agurot and 1 NIS respectively.

 They gave it with a big and beautiful smile.

 They gave it to Kimche D’Pische of Lema’an Achai. 

 Who is ‘they’?

 ‘They’ are three Ethiopian women, who live in Bet Shemesh, three women who likely have a modern day Exodus story of their own, three beautiful souls who understood that Pesach is about helping those less fortunate.

 And like Yoseph did before his brothers, I turned away as I began to tear up, seeing this remarkable willingness to give from the little bit that they possess.


 I salute, thank and am indebted to these three women who have helped to put perspective on my pre-Pesach preparations and for making my holiday complete.

And hopefully yours, as well.

 Chag Sameach.