And Cory Booker makes 35.

When AIPAC is ready to return to true bipartisanship, a whole lot of pro-deal and neutral rabbis will be there, with open arms. I for one, who have stayed neutral on the deal, will be. We need a strong, bipartisan Israel-US relationship. It’s worth a lot more than a few more votes from pressured Congressmen and Senators for a can’t-win effort. And it’s time for other anti-deal Jewish organizations to move on as well, so that American Jewry can go into the High Holidays in a mode of healing, rather than needless conflict.

With the 20th anniversary of the Rabin assassination just a few weeks away, the Prime Minister and all who went through that horrible time are well aware of the dangers of animosity run amok. It’s time for the opponents to stand down, and stand up for unity.

So let’s see how many unprintable comments I receive, thereby proving my point.