Attn: Dr. Cary Nelson
Author, The Case Against Academic Boycotts of Israel

Dear Cary,
Good to meet you and good to see you at the conference. This is how you were quoted by journalist Judy Maltz HAARETZ

“Nelson, a well-known pro-Israel advocate in American academia, said the Israeli government could best help combat BDS efforts by showing some political goodwill and curtailing settlement activity”.

Some feedback:

1. Israel hasn’t built a Jewish community in Judea and Samaria since April 1989.

2. All Jewish building activity in Judea and Samaria, since 1989, has been confined to very limited growth of these communities within their boundaries
(Full disclosure: My 2 married daughters, whose husbands are salaried workers, no longer have the option to buy a home in Judea & Samaria, and are forced to live in expensive rental if they wish to live in Judea & Samaria)

3. There has been an effective freeze on housing starts beyond the 1967 lines, including Jerusalem, since 2009.

4. “Settlement activity” is a code word for Jerusalem, all of which is claimed by the PLO as its capital. See Fayad’s position paper on Jerusalem.

5. The consistent PLO/PA definition of “illegal settlements” refers to Jewish communities which replaced Arab villages which were abandoned in the wake of the 1948 war. When the PLO/PA refer to “illegal settlements”, that is what they mean, regardless of what the State Department means. That is what Arafat told me in an interview in 1989.
All Arab villages that were replaced by “illegal” Jewish settlements after 1948, not 1967, are featured in the new PA textbooks.

6. The PA education system, funded in part by the US and incorporated by UNRWA, in Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem and Gaza, focuses on the right of every Arab child to liberate any and all Arab villages lost to the “illegal settlements” after 1948, by force of arms.

7. The PLO never ratified the Oslo accords, never cancelled its charter, and has no commitment to peace with Israel.

8. The PLO/PA refuse all requests to change their curriculum or to renounce their education for the “right of return by force of arms”.

9. Please review the flow chart of what is transpiring:

10. A cottage industry of academics and policy makers produces the fabricated argument that the PLO and PA have moderated their tone. These fabricators are welcome at AIPAC & all major pro Israel organizations. Those who report the facts above are not allowed a platform in any mainstream pro Israel organization.

With warmest regards,

David Bedein,​, MSW​
Israel Resource News Agency
Center for Near East Policy Research
Beit Agron