You are voting for the leader of the Free World — that’s a great privilege and responsibility. This was the powerful response of a friend of mine when I mentioned that I haven’t voted in American elections for 35 years, even though I have the legal right to do so. Just as I feel strongly that American Jews should not interfere with Israeli security matters since they will not pay with their lives for the next disengagement blunder, I don’t feel that I have a right to interfere with American domestic issues as I don’t live there and won’t be affected. My passport is up to date and I pay my fair share of U.S. taxes.  Nonetheless, I don’t feel that I have the moral right to influence domestic policies.

Until now.

After listening to Trump’s incitement and hate filled speeches the past few months, observing Sander’s refusal to address the AIPAC convention and his contention that Israel uses a disproportionate amount of force to defend itself, and his Obama like refusal to use the term Radical Islamic terror (Israelis are being knifed to death in the street, yet Sanders pointedly calls them ” attacks”), it may be time to vote and that vote would be for Hillary Clinton.

Is Hillary the perfect candidate? Not by a long shot.  But Trump’s attempt to be a Putin look-alike and Sanders’s policies that are so closely aligned to Obama’s tepid approach to radical Islamic terror lead me to the realization that the time has come to utilize my political right — or as my friend aptly noted, my privilege and responsibility — to vote.

I can only hope and pray that Hillary Clinton can rekindle the War on Terror that Europe and the entire free world so desperately need.

Prayers go out to the victims and their families of the terror attacks in Brussels, Istanbul and the all too many Israelis who have been wounded and killed in the streets by Palestinian terrorists during this seemingly unending wave of terror.

We need to stop rationalizing, justifying and empathizing with terrorist causes. The free world needs to act together — to vote, if you will.

Yes we can; if not now, when?

Meir Charash