During a war,  a sovereign nation engages in the act of killing the enemy.

At a time when Hamas embeds itself in the Gaza population and in the clinics and schools of UNRWA, it is difficult to target Hamas leaders without terrible collateral damage.

Today there is an opportunity.

Hamas leaders travel to Cairo to make demands on Israel.

This provides the IDF with a chance to kill Hamas leaders who surface.

Hamas mistakenly thinks that their leaders have immunity.

Today, the people of Israel can made  a clear demand of the IDF:

Kill Hamas leaders as they surface.

Dead Hamas commanders cannot conduct aerial attacks on Israel.

A burning transit of Hamas leaders heading back from Cairo to Gaza will do wonders to raise the spirits of the people of Israel

The people of Israel want to be assured that those who engage in  mass  attempted murder will pay a price.

Citizens of the sovereign state of Israel can today make a clear demand of the government of Israel: Kill Hamas.

Dead terrorists cannot kill. This is war.