While the Northeast of America got a snowy Sunday, and Israeli citizens gear up for their fifth snow day in a row, today might be a day to stay indoors for a change (especially due to black ice). Here are some recommended family films for a snowy day:

10. The Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe (2005): PG 143 min: (for older children)


Three siblings discover a doorway in their wardrobe to a magical land, where a wicked witch has kept the land in perpetual winter.

 9. Jack Frost (1998): PG 101 min:

Jack Frost Movie

A deadbeat dad (Michael Keaton) gets reincarnated as a snow man in order to spend quality time with his son.

8. Snow Dogs: (2002): PG 99 min:

Snow Dogs

A Florida dentist (Cuba Gooding Jr.) inherits a team of sled dogs in Alaska. He decides to keep the dogs and enter them in a local race.

7. Happy Feet (2006): PG 108 min:

happy feet

In a land of singing Emperor penguins, one little penguin cannot sing, but discovers a passion for tap dancing instead.

6. Mighty Ducks (1992): PG 100 min:

Mighty Ducks

A Lawyer and former star hockey player (Emilio Estevez) is ordered by the court to coach the local peewee hockey team.

5. March of the Penguins (2005): G 80 min:

King Penguin

Narrated by Morgan Freeman, this documentary follows the journey of Emperor penguins through the treacherous Antarctic winter

4. Eight Below (2006) PG 120 min (for older kids):

Eight Below

A sled dog trainer in Antarctica has to leave his dogs behind due to an approaching storm. He then tries to rescue them.

3. Ice Age (2002): PG 81 min

Ice Age

During the Ice Age, a saber-tooth tiger, wooly mammoth and a sloth team up to return a lost human baby.

2. Home Alone (1990) PG 103 min:

Home Alone

When a family goes on vacation, their son is accidentally left behind and has to fend for himself. Havoc and hilarity ensues.

1. Disney’s Frozen (2013): PG 108 min:

Disneys Frozen

Anna teams up with friends to save the kingdom and find her sister, who has frozen their land in eternal winter.