After a quiet holiday weekend, we were right back at it Tuesday morning! Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga – this week has been awesome! After the weekend though my body is back to adjusting to the training. My abs and arms feel it the most, but it’s great because I know that I’m pushing myself and striving to be better than yesterday. I am really beginning to feel a difference in myself and am beginning to really love the training! Can’t wait for the challenges that lies ahead!

The top picture was taken during our Krav Maga class. I was being choked from behind and I had to turn around, move his arms out of the way, punch his temple, and proceed to kick his butt. The man to the right of me is Haim Zut – the worlds best and biggest ranked Krav Maga practitioner!

The bottoms picture was taken during our Judo class. This warm-up was tough, but I felt really great while doing it. I like to say the warm-up is the work out and the instruction is the cool down. These are definitely my two favourite classes!