All this talk about that he should be “presidential.” That if he isn’t, at least he should fake it. Politics is about lying anyway, and higher office about pretense. But on the other hand, people are upset every time he seems less than sincere or truthful. What do people want: the truth or the fairy tale? And what does anyone care?

What’s playing a central role, I would suggest, is the perceived need for authority to look up to, royalty to vicariously admire and extol.

Most of us feel second-rate and undesired. How do “unimportant” people survive? Focusing on “first-class” people. We elevate our stature by “knowing them.” Gossip columns and rumor mills serve this purpose.

And worst with US entertainment: TV, show bizz, movie and other stars.

But Trump refuses. He stays this larger-than-life guy next door. There goes our idol. There goes our need for a stern but fair father figure. Or mother figure, for all intent and purposes.

Another — disastrous — aspect of this desire for a Leader is to cover up one’s apathy. They should save us. Well, luckily, The Donald brings more people into the street and activism than any US politician before him.

Yet, we don’t thank the illness for bringing out a cure, so we should not praise the US president for generating upheaval and opposition. But a cure against idolism and passivity he surely is. We may hope. I’m only cautiously optimistic, since it’s not clear if this one-time cure will suffice. We still hear calls that Hillary or Bernie — anyone — should save us.