Remember how US President Bill Clinton got into trouble – not for having an extra-marital affair but – for lying about it.

Who cares that US President Donald Trump cheats on his wife? The real problem is that he sc**ws everyone else too.

Anyway, unprovoked, his old friend and new lawyer Rudy Giuliani said on TV that as a private person the Donald paid off a porn star (so nothing to do with the elections) and that he did so, so that it wouldn’t come out just before the election (oops).

And he further said that Trump fired Comey to obstruct justice.

No, this was not a private analysis of a private citizen – he’s the man’s lawyer, for crying out loud.

No, this was not in a court of law, under pressure during cross-examination. It was during a friendly interview by a friendly TV station.

Who needs prosecuting attorneys with lawyers like that?!

Dyslectic as he is, Trump in haste probably picked out someone from the wrong category: not “legally instant” but “legally insane.”

Instead of paying off porn stars, he should pay his lawyers to shut up. They are as loose-lipped as the First Gentleman himself.

BTW, Trump in this case did not undercut Giuliani when he later contradicted him, though that’s what he does all the time – even by taking off an imaginary piece of dandruff from the jacket of a close one, to show that no one is as great and perfect as the I, me and myself. Remember that Trump always walks back anything any of his spokes persons or he himself said, to obscure any sight onto the truth. He talks out of both sides of his mouth – it’s an old habit.