By high-profile silly or outrageous acts, liking wanting military parades, President Donald Trump distracts attention from the most destructive intentions of his administration. One of them is: limiting the spread of diverse and truthful news.

As explained very well here and here and here, the new impending Sinclair merger threatens US free news gathering. Just imagine Fox taking over 75% of the news — that’s what it will feel like.

This attempt by Trump also shows very well that he’s not the light-weight bigot, fool and idiot that he is taken for / pretends to be.

It’s also not the only recently discovered example of Trump being much shrewder than normally he’s held for. Another case in point is the theft of private details of 87,000,000 Facebook accounts to target these social media users better in their election campaign.

It’s the reactionaries trying to take over the conservatives. US beware.

What stays is that Trump has only two overall goals: To make the very rich much richer and to be reelected. The rest are gimmicks.