The present US President Donald John Trump only does things he needs no diploma for: shoving money around, playing golf and now being president. How does he do all of this without any formal education or training? The answer is one word: bluff. He is a poker player. Let’s look at some highlights of his entertainment.

Business. He is a self-declared millionaire. Yet, he might not have a cent to him; it doesn’t matter. All that counts, pardon the pun, is image. One can live very well – as my mother used to call it – from interest of one’s debts. He just went bankrupt numerous times and then won from that by tax deducted the losses. Apparently, he never lost, pardon the pun, any sleep over so robbing from many people he dealt with what they were entitled to. He has no respect for losers. That he made them lose is immaterial, pun not intended. After all, walking is in fact slowly falling forwards but swinging a leg that makes you progress instead….

Negotiations. His self-declared specialty. However, we have seen that he only has four modes: 1. Being slimy. See if it gets him what he wants. 2. Being blunt. I want this. See if others will “cooperate.” 3. Capitulating, in order to pretend he won. “Look, everyone seems happy with our deal.” 4. Completely surprising others by choosing way outside of the box that is totally unfavorable for himself. That is his definition of outsmarting others. He lost, but who cares? You win some, you lose some. As a dictatorial person, he has no clue about negotiating. He also doesn’t have the patience for it. But it all doesn’t matter as long he can say afterwards that he TRiuMPhed.

Elections. Against all odds he won. He’s dead set on winning again. So what does he do? He repeats whatever gave him the first term in office. Everyone predicted he would never make it, so he’s not disheartened by all the polls in the world now saying that “again” we won’t stand a chance in hell. He proved them all wrong and he’ll be happy to repeat that. In fact, he’s a arch-optimist who never lets doom or fact gets in his way. And he might be right again after all, because there is no worthy competition in sight. Don’t forget that he won because most people didn’t like either candidate, so likability has nothing to do with it!

Boss. Remember his “When you’re so rich, you can do whatever you want.”? That’s what he does. He learned, that for most people you can “make it OK” if you say the right thing afterwards – and smile, if needed. It doesn’t have to be true – truth is just a hang up for losers. (Don’t blame him for lying if you can’t take his truth!) And whatever he is, he’s not a looser. And if you can upset them, they look like losers and you’ve half won already. Upset them! Insult them! This is especially worthy as a smokescreen, to divert attention from all the important stuff he tries to do when no one is watching. However, he now works under a boss – elected politicians – for the first time in his life – and he doesn’t even realize it – why are they bothering him? As any capitalist boss, they are creating a file with every problem they’re having with this president. When time has come to dump him, such a file will come in very handy.

Once you understand that it’s all fun for him, you won’t need to waste your time, energy and sanity by labeling him as wicked. He’s not evil incarnate. He’s just in a different movie. You try to create a better world – he’s simply gaming. Just get him to return to his movie.

PS: There’s been much criticism on the political establishment (and I’m not saying that’s incorrect) but isn’t Trump making them look good?