Trump and his political friends will tell us that his policy decision against the Iran deal was political brilliance. I beg to differ.

Look at who now are for the year-old deal, and who against. If one has any moral compass, the math is as easy as pie.

For Trump’s plan to adjust the Iran deal:

Against Trump’s plan to adjust the Iran deal:

We know that Trump is a friend of Israel. How in the world could he have gone the other way?

Recently, after 75 years, we are seeing new proof how the US Administration (as different from US soldiers who fought the Nazis risking their own lives and liberated the camps) let European Jews down big time while they were mass slaughters, from closing its borders to refusing to bomb the railroad tracks to stop deportations.

Trump, with all his moral challenges towards minorities as daily exposed in the media, again, like his father, stands with the Jews. He’s correcting genocidal indifference of the WW II Administration.

In half a week time, he’ll open the US Embassy in Jerusalem and he might throw Jonathan Pollard into the bargain. He’s the most pro-Jewish US president the world (Jewry) has ever seen. And that’s the only reason for this all.