Rumor has it that Trump has now decided to change the name of Washington DC to Washington DCt (with the T of Trump) in his own honor. (Just kidding.)

I reject the idea that today he’s lying more than a year ago. He’s simply tweeting and speaking more and therefore gets out more lies.

Much analysis goes around about why he is lying. Does he vary on the truth so much because he wants the press to seem antagonists to him so that when they have dirt on him they won’t be believed? Does he make things up all the time just to stay in the (outraged) limelight? Or does he not tell it straight constantly because he wants to get away with his imperfections? In short, does a con artist always have specific reasons, motives and goals when he’s lying, as some claim?

In the final analysis, my guess is that he confabulates non-stop because it became a habit. It became as standard to him as breathing. Untruth is to him not a mistake but not caring about truth, rules or the buck stopping anywhere.

It’s not that he doesn’t realize anymore that he does. He’s actually very proud of it and like a master artist putting the last stroke of paint on a canvas or adjusting one last flower in an arrangement, he lies with care. Not for nothing they call this being a con artist. He’s proud of a job well done every time he delivers an invention. It’s a habit but he’s aware of it.

He doesn’t feel bad about it – he feels good about it. He’s anything but timid about his abilities. And lying is his showpiece, his signature.

How to spot if Trump is lying? He lies by default. So if he seems to be telling the truth, he’s either lying or will lie about it later.

Deceit and deception for too long have been substance and staple of the democratic discourse. Sometimes, things get worse before they get better. Dishonesty needs to leave political life. Let’s hope and pray that this extreme period may help it being cleaned up in the longer run.

In honest cultures like Western ones, lying in politics has been regular but always sneakily. Once a lie was found out, it had consequences. Not anymore in Trump’s USA or the Internet with all its real fake-news. Maybe cleaning up this mess can also remove the “little” white lies and – more importantly – the pretense of caring about the common man while just being accessory to his exploitation.

And let’s not forget: we all started out honest until taught to lie.