Making mistakes is the privilege of those who do the work

One of my favorite reporters and analysts, Yonah Jeremy Bob, asks: WHY DIDN’T IDF, SHIN BET REPORT THAT AIR POWER WOULDN’T BEAT HAMAS TUNNELS? He concludes his article saying that the defense establishment, Yaalon, Gantz, the IDF and Cohen stonewalled the security cabinet on certain aspects of the tunnel threat, such as the limited effectiveness of air strikes, because they wanted to delay or avoid a ground war at almost all costs – a war that Bennett from the start, and that Tourgemon later on and the comptroller afterwards thought was necessary.

However, in the end, both parties were all wrong. The hostilities spiraled out of control until there was a full-scale war that was fully needless. The ones who thought: only air, and the ones who thought: ground troupes, they all missed that there should not be either.

The State Comptroller is only a professional criticizer

It’s been pointed out that the State Comptroller did not evaluate the latest Gazan War. Rather, he’s a professional criticizer, looking for things that went wrong. Eagerly, he went after the tunnel issue after he smelled that mistakes were made there. He did find a mess – surprise? That’s what he’s paid for and that’s how everything in Israel is run.

In any case, disorder in one area does not doom the quality of the whole enterprise. Protective Edge was not fought against the tunnel threat. Rather, the barrage of rockets became unacceptable. And it stopped. Who says this war failed? Yes, it was too costly – especially in human lives. But every war is.

I don’t like to repeat myself, to harp about the same things all the time. However, sometimes one has to say things over and over again until everybody gets it. Here we go again:

Peace will only come through a process. The only peace process that will help here is the admission of universal hatred for Jews in the Arab World and the start of unlearning Jews’ hated in schools and for grown-ups.

Jews for 120 years want to live together with Gentiles in their own State. For 120 years Arab leaders and populations have rejected this.

Just like Germans after WW II repented, so can Palestinian and other Arabs. No amount of blaming Jews can substitute for embracing Jews. And we are very likable. As with any oppression, the hate cannot be solved by the oppressed being “nicer.” The oppressors need to start taking responsibility for uprooting this very old hatred. We will all profit!

And maybe true friends must first force them to better their ways. Just like Germany was first forced. Better not by force, but if nothing else is in sight, to force someone to stop behaving badly is not bad. It’s good.