In the aftermath of a small, inept, military coup on July 15, the government of Turkey has dismissed or suspended some 58-60,000 people from their jobs. But only 15,500 (27%) of them are police or soldiers.

The vast majority (more than 70%) of those dismissed or suspended are educators: 21,000 school teachers have had their license to teach revoked, and 15,200 Education Ministry officials have been fired.

An additional 6,500 Education Ministry employees have been suspended and 1,577 University deans have been asked to resign.

It is clear that the government is using the failed coup as an excuse to oppress its critics, and take over almost all of the non-government, private schools in Turkey.

And to prevent the civil courts from stoping them the government has suspended almost 3,000 members of the judiciary including 1,481 judges.

One man rule over the next few years will result in slow economic decline and a further increase in political corruption. This is not good news for us.