2000 years of antisemitism on the continent that invented the worst kind – go back to the ancient Romans, to the first Christian kingdoms, to the Spanish and Portuguese Inquisitions, to the Russian and East European pogroms, then, finally, to the monstrous nazi holocaust – are imprinted in Europe’s DNA, whether its peoples are still believers (in Christianity) or have become agnostic like myself or even atheistic, whether they hail from the extreme left or from the extreme right, or even if they claim to be ‘liberals’ and belong to the ‘green’ party – the latter two behave the same way in the USA and on many of its university campuses.  Thank goodness, the majority of Indians, Chinese, Buddhists, Hindus, animistic and Christian Africans (including the 10 million Copts of Egypt) admire Israel and Jews in general, and they are the future of our planet. There still is a good number of Europeans, North and South Americans, as well as Australians and New Zealanders who are not antisemitic.  Like the righteous who have saved Jews during WWII, risking their lives.

But in Europe, where I have lived 50 years, when you belong to the far left, you are automatically anti-Israel and pro-Palestine, whatever the historical facts (which they rewrite according to their rigid dogmas).  Strangely enough, many of the European Muslims, whose families and friends in their countries of origin, the Maghreb, Turkey, – which I have visited several times and in which I was welcomed and treated gently – Egypt, Malaysia or Indonesia, to name but a few, are peaceful folks -, become very radicalized and often furiously antisemitic – they tend to simulate the Jewish hatred of their Christian predecessors, assimilating all their inane superstitions (Jews killing Christian and Muslim babies and using their blood to make matzo!!!!, Jews ruling the world, not mentioning the infamous ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ which was a hoax rewritten by a Russian antisemite and which sells like hot cakes all over the Muslim world). 

I feel I should remind the amnesiacs that in 1947 the Arabs refused the United Nation’s partition of the land which now comprises Israel and the two Palestinian territories of Gaza and the West Bank, and that five Arab countries attacked the nascent Jewish State in 1948, with the aim of destroying it completely, an act which the Iranian regime still wants to carry out nowadays. 

Which country in the world, wouldn’t go to war under the threat of annihilation?  The Arabs of a future Palestine missed dozens of opportunities of making peace with Israel – if you open the geography books of Palestinian pupils, in place of Israel there is an Arab country that stretches from the Mediterranean to the Jordan river, and Jews are called either dogs or pigs, who should be thrown into the sea -, so Israel is occupying them, which, I believe is a long lasting and negative situation, but one which a nation (as tiny as Maryland and smaller than Belgium) had no other alternative, lest it be destroyed by the surrounding Arab countries, most of which are still at war with it.  I definitely do not approve of the way this Israeli government behaves, adding new settlements in the West Bank, but I do approve of Israel’s right to defend itself against Hamas, the terrorist organization that rules over Gaza, and which for fifteen years has continued to launch rockets towards Israel. 

We would now need two Mandelas, one Israeli and one Palestinian, to make peace, creating a non-belligerent country alongside the Jewish State.  Those who claim that Israel is an apartheid country are liars and in very bad faith.  Just come to this land and see for yourself: all those peoples of different colors and creeds, sitting together, eating in the same places and going to the same shows.  Actually, I claim that Tel Aviv is the most tolerant, most welcoming, most gay-friendly city in the world, and I have lived in large metropolises such as Milan, Brussels, New York and Paris, the latter, where I have resided for the past 36 years, has lost its freedom of speech, everything being so politically correct that you are called a racist if you mention facts using their true names.  For instance: you are allowed to say: « you are Islamophobic », but not « some people hate whites », « European slave traders », but not « Arab slave traders » here you are being Islamophobic.  I, as a writer, suffocate in such a place.

As you know, there are Euro-Palestinian associations, Israel-apartheid week, Al-Quds day (meaning Jerusalem day, when Jerusalem is the main sacred city for Jews and only Islam’s third, which, by the way, is never mentioned in the Quran; it was initiated by Ayatollah Khomeini, that extremist whom the French leftists had hailed as the … liberator of the new Iran …

How about creating a Euro-Kurdish association, when millions of Kurds are ill-treated or persecuted in Turkey, Syria, Irak, etc.?  Don’t they deserve to have their own nation?  And a Euro-Saharaoui association?  When Morocco is persecuting the people of Western Sahara which it has colonized after the Spanish left that territory.  And a Euro-Coptic association, to defend the ten million Copts (the Christians who were there centuries before the Arab invasion) against the Shariah law.  And the Euro-Berber association, to defend the original population of the Maghreb countries, who live nowadays like second-class citizens under the Arab majority.  And the Euro- Defenders of Peace between the Muslims, where thousands of Shia and Sunni are murdering each other year after year.  And Euro-Arab solidarity, to prevent bloody dictators like Assad from murdering his own people, 300,000 have already been killed.  And a Euro-Christian association, to prevent the original Christian minorities of the Near East to be slaughtered by Muslim extremists.

My oh my, the list of new and vital associations would be never-ending, if one considers that people have equal rights all over the world and not point an accusing finger solely at Israel. 

Just attend one day at the the UN Head Quarters in New York and see how many crimes that are much more serious in both atrocity and numbers are ignored.

Mr. Ban Ki Moon, are you still in the moon???  Come back to earth, man, and start acting a little more responsibly, for otherwise you will be remembered as the man who keeps smiling while the horrors of this world keep being committed.