In my first life, one daughter and many years of living alone.

In the second, my wife and I have – between hers, mine and ours – three daughters, two sons-in-law, one grandchild and twin 8 year-old sons.

In my first life – much loneliness and urgency. 

In the second – parenting with a grandfather’s patience.

In my first life – religious and then not.

In the second – accepting that G-d may exist and comfortable with not knowing.

In my first life, an ardent zionist, came to Israel and joined the paratroopers.

In the second, a veteran Israeli, often wonder why I don’t live someplace ‘normal’ – where people are polite, where kindergartens don’t need an armed guard, where it’s not so hot and where it rains also in the summer.

In my first life, grew up in Czechoslovakia, France, Brasil and the United States and was proud of knowing many languages.

In the second, the only value of languages is to help you communicate and to boost your CV…

In my first life, I wrote letters to get things off my chest.

In the second, I write stories about life events that I find amusing.

In my first life, lost my father at an early age.

In the second, after a mild heart attack, I wonder how long my sons will still have a father.

In my first life – much anxiety and stress. Often wondered if I should be interned in a mental hospital.

In the second – a social worker in a mental health department and in my private clinic…