Two-state solution, who benefits?

These days we hear a lot about two state solution and how everything Israeli officials do undermines this brilliant plan to divide “Israel” to “Israel and Palestine,” like building new houses for Israeli families or protecting Israeli civilians against Palestinians!

Well, it’s hard to grasp how those who pretend to be our friends are actually helping our main enemy? By accepting the so called two state solution, the whole world would recognize Palestine as a legitimate country with a legitimate government, right here in our front yard (instead of back yard!). With an enemy right beside our borders who would be responsible if Palestinian army attacks Israel? Who would pick up a weapon and fight; French politicians? NO. It’s Israeli soldiers who are brave enough to fight and strong enough to finish the fight and the only thing they need is for politicians to not restrain them, that’s all.

Palestinian officials benefit from such a solution and they have a lot to gain by becoming a legitimate member of the international community. A lot of politicians in our so called allies are for such a solution because they are not our real friends, they just look and see which way the wind blows. The only party who is in real jeopardy is Israel and Israeli citizens.

We have nothing to gain and everything to lose if Palestine comes to existence and we should never let it happen.

About the Author
John H. Turner is from NYC, United States. He is a Villanova University student and a strong Republican. He voted for Trump.
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