Anyone who observes current events in the Ukraine should analyze America’s treatment of her allies during the Obama Administration.

Today, Russian lawmakers unanimously approved a request by President Vladimir Putin to send armed forces to Ukraine to protect ethnic Russians and secure the Black Sea fleet and other military installations in Ukraine’s Crimea region. Despite Obama’s warnings of being “deeply concerned” by the reported Russian military maneuvers in Crimea, or of threatening Russia with “consequences” for the Kremlin should it interfere in Ukraine’s political crisis, Putin advanced.

Remember, President Barack Obama assured outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that he will have “more flexibility” to deal with issues with Russia. Indeed, Obama’s America has been so flexible that Ambassadors have been lynched in Benghazi, dictators have survived in Syria, allies overthrown in Egypt – and Obama is flexible. Obama spoke of a “reset” of relations with Russia – and indeed, there has been a “reset.”  Putin is the boss, and the powerhouse, and America is not.

As I have said before on these pages, President Obama is disconnected from reality. He claims he will stand with Israel – once they sacrifice and get smaller.

The Obama Administration pressures Israel constantly – but what happens if Israel makes an American brokered deal, and then Russia gets involved in the Middle East? Will Obama speak of Israel needing to be even more flexible? Obama & Kerry who do not keep their word should make Israel very wary.