Somehow the UN is ‘alarmed’ that Hamas is spending its money on restocking its supply of rockets and building new terror tunnels instead of rebuilding Gaza, despite the fact that this is exactly what Hamas did after each previous war that it waged against Israel in 2009 and 2012.

Hamas has plenty of money to re-arm itself and build new terror tunnels, but apparently doesn’t have enough money to rebuild Gaza and provide aid to its citizens.  The UN’s backwards solution isn’t that Hamas should stop re-arming and start rebuilding, but that Hamas should be given more money.

Jeffery Feltman, the UN Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs, stated recently that international donors need to come through on their financial pledges in order to avoid another escalation in Gaza.  This logic makes no sense.  Hamas is already preparing to launch more attacks by testing rockets and digging new terror tunnels.  What makes Mr. Feltman think that Hamas will stop doing so if it receives more money?  Yes, more money would mean that Hamas will be able to rebuild Gaza in addition to re-arming, but that does nothing to prevent future conflicts.  Hamas’ attacks against Israel have nothing to do with the well-being of Gazans, and have everything to do with Hamas’ goals of destroying Israel and killing Jews.  Hamas’ next war against Israel is already in the works; Hamas is simply deciding when to pull the trigger.

According to Forbes, Hamas is the second richest terrorist group in the world, behind only ISIS.  Hamas receives billions of dollars in aid every year from Western countries, and its terrorist activities are funded directly by Qatar, Iran, and Turkey, as well as by rich private donors in the Middle East.  Hamas has the undoubtable capacity to rebuild Gaza and invest in its economy for the benefit of all its citizens, but instead it chooses to spend its money on rockets and terror tunnels as well as embezzling hundreds of millions of dollars to line the pockets of its Qatar-based leadership.  The UN needs to condemn Hamas’ actions and call for proper spending directed towards helping Gazans, because the UN’s current strategy of throwing money at the problem and hoping it’ll go away is not going to work.