Those of us of a certain age (as well as our progeny who have a keen and astute ear for immortal, if somewhat shlocky music) have a perennial soft spot in our hearts for this Golden Oldie.

But who would have thunk that therein lay the coded message for an American People struggling, staggering, searching for the mojo that reigned supreme when that song was released in the early 1960’s?

Ladies and Gentlemen, there is a wonderful opportunity awaiting America, an opportunity for a rejuvenation of pride, hope, optimism and confidence.

“Our day will come, and we’ll have everything…” this was the message of Ruby and the Romantics, and this is the message of their spiritual descendant, Marco Rubio.

After eight years of bowing to dictators, kowtowing to murderers, denigrating the significance and worthiness of America, abdicating from the world stage to create a toxic vacuum (with toxic powers ready to fill it), America needs to regain its footing, and to recapture its sense of mission.

As I survey the array of potential candidates who might help America restore itself, I am consistently drawn to a man who embodies the best of what America has always been about: optimism, a belief in America’s possibilities and potential for good, a striving to raise and not to demean, a desire to create more opportunity rather than seeing the economy, the society and the world as a zero sum game.

That man is Marco Rubio, and in 2016 I believe his day will come.

I have been saying for more than a year that, without knowing why exactly, I have felt instinctively that Hillary Clinton will never be President of the United States. The cringe-a-thon of revelations that strike as such a déjà vu of the shenanigans of the Clintons are likely to be the loose thread on the cheap polyester suit that is her candidacy.

Keep pulling it and the whole garment unravels.

Whether it’s Benghazi, e-mail-gate or the Clinton Foundation, it feels like we’re in marriage counseling and not yet even hitched. It’s exhausting, and ultimately, the charge to dispatch her will come from the Left.

By contrast, Marco Rubio will increasingly appear Presidential. His appeal to the animal spirits of the economy, his sanity on immigration, his pride in American international leadership, his youth coupled with extensive experience, and his unabashed love of America and what she represents, will increasingly win folks over. And yes, there will be something romantic in it all: the wonderful feeling of rejuvenation.

Mark my words. Marco Rubio’s day is coming, and it can’t come soon enough.