US President Trump is no dummy. Anyone who thought so was clearly not getting it. But now his hidden agenda is coming through.

He spoke with bigotry many times for different reasons:

  1. To get free publicity during the campaign
  2. To have upsets camouflage what he’s really doing to the Country
  3. To bond with his electoral base.

And it worked and counting. And now we can see a fourth reason:

  1. To galvanize the opposition.

I mean, President Trump’s base is not going to side with him when he attacks their black football players who take a knee protesting social inequality and police brutality, calling them SOBes. They wanted to start more conversation about very real problems. Well, guess what who just made them succeed to get the publicity and sympathy they need?

Intellectuals condemn Trump for attacking their First-Amendment Right to Freedom of Expression. That’s not how the average football fan is going to see it. These players give their everything to entertain left and right, white and black, make you forget fights and frustrations in life. He insulted their hero’s. They are going to side with the underdog.

White male blue-color workers won’t mind a little racist or sexist remark from their president. It just shows he’s one of them. They themselves also are not always so thoughtful overly correct when making sarcastic remarks to colleagues. But it needs to stay a joke. Trashing these players goes too far. Listen how sweet and vulnerable they speak to the press. Trump is making America(‘s president’s mistakes) great again.

He said that coming to the White House is a great honor and he doesn’t want such protesters. One player fired back: “Going to the White House was a great honor until you showed up!”  They also have not forgotten that Trump said a month ago that “there were some very fine people” among violent Neo-Nazi demonstrators.

This fight is also not going away. Football players will continue their protests. Next month adding the lack of universal healthcare. The month after that against ruining the environment for financial gain of the few.

Now, was this a mistake by Trump? I have no reason to believe so. After empowering the Democrats in the Senate, he’s now firing up the opposition in the street. I can only find one explanation. It must be that he’s a left-wing wolf in right-wing sheep’s clothing. And that’s his great pleasure: to fool and confuse everyone. He’s done it again. Amazing.