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A brief overview in tech news with a Samsung Galaxy S4 versus the iPhone 5 review.  Hackers at Defcon take over a car’s computer system and play remote control.  Tech and gardening are my absolute two favorite things and I show you some quick and easy tech solutions to plan and boost your garden.

Finding the best smartphone out there these days can be annoying, and the battle between Samsung and Apple makes you want to go back to the soup can and string method.   If you are one of these folks with bittersweet emotions about purchasing your new smartphone you may want to check out this review on Cnet.  Whether you are upgrading the iPhone 3 or replacing your Blackberry all together,  the latest review on the Samsung Galaxy S4 gave it a half a star more than the iPhone 5.

It is hacker’s paradise these days and for those that aren’t familiar with software coding the possibilities to learn are endless.  At DefCon’s latest hacking conference;  two security network guys hacked into a car’s computer system and took  over the wheel.  Check out the full story on Computerworld.  I also find some great tech tips for boosting the garden from Lifehacker like this Black and Decker Digital Sensor or using web and phone apps like SmartGarden, Gardening Toolkit and VegGarden.