Wake up Europe!

It’s an all too familiar story; yet another brutal attack in Europe by Islamic radicals. A soldier hacked to death on a London street, trains bombed, satirical magazine cartoonists shot to death and Jews gunned down in a supermarket.

We hear that this entire bloody affair is in the name of the prophet Muhammad — or in the name of Islam. Jews are leaving Europe in droves because the “new Nazis” are in town. People are starting to realize what Israel always has: that the only safe place for Jews in the world is indeed in our homeland. Our brothers and sisters are flocking to Israel and locking the doors behind them. We know what is coming; we are prepared for the upcoming battle, which we know won’t be fought in Syria, Iraq, Yemen or Afghanistan. We are prepared for the war that is already starting in the streets of Paris, the tunnels of London, the paradises of Scandinavia and the Low countries. We are prepared for that war because we have no doubt about who the enemy is.

The question I ask is, “Is Europe ready for the maelstrom of violence that is starting to be unleashed onto it?”

The State of Israel, unfortunately, is all too familiar with the threat of Islamic violence coming at it from all angles. Israel has been dealing with that reality since the country’s founding and we have learned to accept that this war has no rules. We cannot afford to operate on the pompous platform of perfect human rights when our enemy uses it against us.

A country like France, which tries to appease its enemies instead of facing them, is bound to fail. A country like France that gives “heroic” speeches on unity and perseverance but does nothing to fight the real problem is only bound to be wracked by more violence. A country like France that seems afraid to face a population which refuses to assimilate and instead forces their own radical ideas down the throats of their fellow citizens is bound to lose this war.

For too long Europe has blindly supported despotic Arab regimes and corrupt Palestinians in a weak attempt to appease their own restive Muslim populations. For too long Europe has allowed new immigrants to scorn and violently oppose the ideas and values of democracy and freedom. When the streets of Europe explode with jihad aimed at toppling European democracy, decades of sweeping the problems under the rug will return with a vengeance. Instead of being afraid of angering or offending the very people who should be thanking them for taking them into their countries, Europeans should be strong and say what needs to be said.

The goal of this senseless terrorism being unleashed on Europe is to make the Europeans forget who they are and keep retreating until Europe is no longer a sea of democracy, liberalism and freedom. Right now the terrorists are winning. Every failure by a European government to act instead of simply condemn is a win for jihad. Every failure by a European government to address the problems amidst their radical European Muslim population is another win for violence and death.

The two Kouachi brothers didn’t care that the wounded unarmed policeman begging for his life was a fellow Muslim; they executed him like they would do us “infidels.” Our enemies do not have rules of engagement and they do not play fairly. They don’t even live in the same reality that we do. If Europe refuses to wake up and realize these truths, it is doomed to turn into the human slaughterhouses that dot the Middle East landscape today.

Wake up Europe, dear G-d wake up.

About the Author
Ben is a student at the University of Maryland majoring in Middle Eastern History and Global Terrorism. He is an avid reader, history buff and a self confessed news junkie. He is counting the days until he makes aliyah upon the completion of his degree.