If Abbas agrees, together with Israel, make Gaza a Palestinian State the rational free world can be proud of. Israeli support and management participation in a co-governance capacity until that State becomes a self sufficient, more democratic and humane entity. At that time, no more financial support from Israel and Israel withdraws from active political and joint governance.Meantime, Abbas becomes the modern day  Arab hero.

At present,  we can beat the Palestinians but have to fight on till they have no ability. That becomes an almost forever, ongoing task. With anti-semitism increasing in the free world, Israel will also need more room for people who wish to resettle there, but peace in the valley trumps just revoking the Gaza area give back.

Gaza, the new Palestinian State can accomodate some Jewish immigration.  So Egypt and Gaza would be two friendly and supportive neighbors.Not perfect but beats a blank.  The world can participate to help the Gaza venture to succeed as a Nation. If we are in dreamworld, any way to just get Iran to shut up and behave remotely civilized?