Hi , I’d like to give my take on why we cannot know peace in our times unless we relinquish our need for diversity ..

The human race thrives on Diversity… As a spiritual mentor I need people who are troubled or how else can I earn a living doing what I do? I have developed a method called BE AND IT WILL BE that actually brings us to the place where we are at peace and have no dependencies….

Great, yet we all need jobs, right? What about ammunition manufacturers? They need there to be wars so that they could thrive… What about Pharmaceutical companies, doctors, hospitals , therapists, coaches and the list is endless.. We live in a rut that we cannot not be released form until we are brave enough to let go of our fear and pain..

We are promised the garden of Eden where we are one and experience peace, love and serenity but here’s the thing in order for that to happen we must be willing to get out of our comfort zone and say goodbye to our umbilical cords.. Those cords that we hang onto for dear life… We must find that thing, that is bigger than us that we can fearlessly let go of our fears and other Gods that bind us to to our fear.

In Hebrew the word Eden turned around is NEDA which means we will know… The paradox here is that if we truly want peace we must we must want to let go of everything we think we know… We must chose to be here and now and allow ourselves to be open to listen to the other in the knowledge that that other is filling a need in us or he would have no existence… and here it is THOSE OTHERS CANNOT BE ANYTHING ELSE FOR THEMSELVES UNTIL I RELEASE THEM FROM THE STORY I TIE THEM TO… Yes this is my world and the way I perceive You is my story of you, and you will remain that character in my play until I am willing to release my own pain connected to the story.

I don’t know about you, but want peace within me and so are adamant to release my own pain and stories…