We gave Gaza away nearly ten years ago, and almost immediately the people there said that it wasn’t enough, that we should all be killed. You said nothing, world. The people of Gaza elected a terrorist group to rule them, and still you said nothing.

We acted though. We stopped weapons going in, and murderers coming out. Then you said something. We were told that it was cruel, what we did to Gaza. That Gaza was under siege. That we were punishing civilians. We were told that it was inhumane.

And then the rockets came, hundreds upon hundreds. Children fled to bunkers, homes were destroyed, people were killed. If you cared, oh world, you did it silently. Even then you didn’t stretch out a hand to us. You should have thanked us, weeping for our losses as we did, for living up to your exalted standards.

Rockets kept coming, and eventually we fought back, and then you found your voice, world. You forgot that we had been crying out, you forgot about terrorists, and rockets, and children growing up in bunkers. It had only been three years, but you forgot that we had given up this land.

We fought back, and you were horrified. You told us we were war criminals, that we had used chemical weapons on civilians. You told us that we had attacked schools. You told us we were beasts.

You came in boats, to give “humanitarian supplies” to the people there. You said you would break the siege. And when we asked to look at what you had brought for them, you refused, you attacked our soldiers. And when some of you were hurt, were killed, you called us beasts again, you marched in the streets against us. You forgot about the links between the dead and terrorist organisations even as we were telling you. You did not listen, you did not want to listen.

They came and killed our brothers. They grabbed them and killed them and you had nothing to say. Your leaders issued empty condemnations, but you barely spared a thought. And then some foolish and grieving and hateful among us killed one of their sons, and you suddenly cared. You had forgotten again, that they celebrated in the streets when they killed Jews, and we mourned, found the perpetrators and begged forgiveness when we killed Arabs.

And more rockets came, and we hid in bunkers, in our towns and our cities, and you did not even notice. We waited, and offered a ceasefire, and you did not notice, and you did not care, and you did not speak.

And then we had waited enough. And we struck. We did not strike as you do, world, with all the force we can bring to bear. You forgot that though. We warned families, the families of terrorists even that we would strike, and you called it “indiscriminate”. Less than one person was killed by every ten of our air-strikes and you called it “genocide”. We apologised when we harmed civilians. They rejoiced when they harmed civilians. You called us “aggressors”.

We found their ministers telling civilians to stand in our path, but you didn’t pay attention. We found them instructing their followers how to lie to you but you listened to them, not to us. We apologised when we made mistakes, when tragedies occurred, and you were simply not interested.

We found ambulances used by terrorists. You had deemed us inhuman for not letting ambulances through checkpoints. We remember, and you have forgotten. We found tunnels, under their cities, from which they sought to kill us. You had called us evil for stopping them from getting cement. You seem not to recall it. We found rockets in their schools, the schools that you had called us terrorists for striking, but you’ve forgotten that as well.

Now you have the temerity to lecture us on what we should or shouldn’t do, on just how much we should defend ourselves. You preface your calumnies with “Israel has the right to defend itself”, before telling us exactly how far that right extends! We’ve already said we will not listen to your voice until you acknowledge the terror posed against us, that the war was forced upon us, so you acknowledge this, but it is not enough.

Who among you, citizens of the world, said that stopping the flotilla was reasonable, that the blockade was justified, that Cast Lead and Pillar of Defence, and all else was the right thing to do? How many of you broadcast fake funerals, accused us of crimes we did not commit, and when the facts were inescapable, you, the world, had moved on. You bandied about accusations, reports and threats but when we were proven right you didn’t care. You have an unquenchable thirst for Palestinian victimhood, yet a goldfish’s attention span for a Jew’s right to live in conditions we should expect for all humans.

We do not need your reproaches, your counsel, your opinion. When have you maintained as much self-criticism as the Jewish state? It has always been more engaged with the facts than you ever were, and is less prone to swallowing the lies of terrorists and their sympathisers, for the simple reason that we do not, we can not forget that they are trying to kill us.

You don’t remember, but Israel did not want this war. It slipped your mind that Israel tried to avoid it. But it will continue, and the soldiers of Israel will continue to act with more care and morality for the civilians surrounding its enemy than you ever have or ever will. We know that because we remember every previous time, every shocking slander, every outrageous distortion, every accusation then proven false. We remember, but I’m sure you’ve already forgotten.