As Twisted Sister said in the classic 1980s song, “We’re not gonna take it – no we ain’t gonna take it… anymore.” Liberals and the liberal media need to wake up and recognize that in Israel, just as in any free markets, people have the freedom, and the right, to make decisions. The liberal media with their supporters are crying at the success of Israel Hayom, the newspaper Sheldon Adelson founded in Israel.

These folks may want to look at the United States, at the fair and balanced Fox News which is more profitable than all the other cable networks combined, and realize that in Israel the same will happen. Israel Hayom will continue to succeed – and it’s the right and fair thing.

In the last few weeks, international media has run an endless array of stories, complaining (according to a report on NPR last week):

Media experts in Israel say that market competition and a tendency to buy political influence through media ownership have crippled Israel’s once-thriving newspaper market. And many want to put the blame on one man: Sheldon Adelson, the US casino mogul who launched a free newspaper in Israel in 2007 and has close ties with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

These are simple liberal fantasies – Maariv, Channel 10, Ha’aretz and others lost because media changed, and the days of liberals dominating media is over. Consumers today – as in any free enterprise – want choice, which Israel Hayom offers. Israel Hayom is a well-written, well edited newspaper that consumers enjoy.

In free markets, readers are free to choose, and business people are free to invest as they see fit. Adelson wants to invest in media, and believes free newspapers are the right path? That’s his option, and win or lose, he’s free to do it. Are liberals only fans of “openness” when it benefits them?

Adelson is encouraging more competition, and liberals can complain, but Israel Hayom will continue succeeding. Sheldon Adelson has said:

We are too fair. We intended to make it fair and balanced because the other newspapers are so far to the left. The problem in education and in the press is that everybody is to the left.

Maybe that’s why they’re winning.

The left is condescending, and if they don’t like the paper they shouldn’t get it. As the owner of a leading PR Agency, I believe that just as Fox News succeeded and won fair and square in the US, Israel Hayom will continue to do the same in Israel.