When I read that

  • Billions of tax cuts are on their way

I got suspicious. That felt like pleasing the electorate. Netanyahu has not so many political hang-ups. He doesn’t care if his administration is with the Right, the Left, the religious, the secular – as long as the rich get richer.

Then, suddenly, on the same day,

That was March 14 in the morning.

No one was yet speaking about early elections – no one but me, that was – but these were the first sure signs.

Next, I read:

  • Jewish Home moved up its leaderships contest.

Then I thought that the promise of upcoming improved relations with other countries might be at its strongest now, before reality will raise its ugly head again.

As the bonus, Labor is a mess (total losers), Lapid is not stable, no one seems ready but the Likud.

Netanyahu always goes to the polls when his cards are best.

Four days ago, I wanted to blog that elections are coming. But other urgent stuff got in the way, so I didn’t. Now it’s all over the media.

However, above you see that the reason for going to the polls is not a dispute about public broadcasting or any other conflict. Rather, Netanyahu sees another chance to have a broader administration through winning in elections, so there we go again.

He must be either completely sure that all police investigations against him do not amount to anything, or the opposite, he must have decided to call the authorities’ bluff to have the best chance. After all, how could they indict on a shoddy case a PM who is well supported by the public despite a stream of allegations?