We’re not talking about Trump being replaced by Hillary. The substitute is the only one in the White House that Trump cannot fire, the Vice-Precedent. In fact, it could have been that he has helped Trump’s downfall by ill or absent advice. He’s the Republican Party’s trump card up its sleeve (pun not intended) and it will be played.

What will happen when Mike Pence takes over? What will he do trying to save the 2020 elections? (The 2018 elections are lost irredeemably.)

  • Populism will be replaced with conservative values and middle–class “decency.” Money and a free hand for the super-rich. The stock market will rebound.
  • The quiet further impoverishment of the poor will continue.
  • No more slogan politics. Populists will be all out.
  • Diplomacy will take the place of nationalistic war mongering and there will be no deal in the Middle East.
  • Lip-service to anti-racism will take the place of racism, but besides token measures (DAKA), deportations will pick up.
  • The poor sick, environment and transgenders will be in the cold for two more years.
  • Jews will be less in the spotlight, what is good because then (rightly so) they won’t be blamed for the Trump mess.
  • Finally all government vacancies will be filled. End of chaos.

Yet, Republicans will be unable to hold Congress and Bernie Sanders will take over with the largest margin in history.

  • Sanders will create free schooling and university education, universal healthcare, climate control, etc. The USA is a century late in receiving some measure of socialism.
  • The main ones being thrown under the bus will be the Zionists. He will be more hostile to Israel than any president before. Israel has two years to get out of US support what it can, because after that the meager years will be there. Congress will stop too much anti-Zionist assault and too much Palestinians cuddling, but Israel will be stuck until a Jew-loving president will take the reins again.
  • Don’t blame Zionists for being close to Trump. It’s not that we had anyone else, did we?