Could one image the mass media uproar if a leading fundraiser for Mitt Romney said African-Americans deliberately kill white people? Could one image the hordes of media representatives which would descend upon the University of California San Diego if they hosted Hate Mexico Week? One could only imagine the huge headlines.

Yet, when Hala Hijazi who has bundled between $100,000 to $200,000 for President Obama’s reelection campaign and has a longtime record of attacking Israel says that Israel deliberately kills Palestinian children it is barely in the mainstream media. This leader of the Clinton Foundation has said Israel commits war crimes, said America shouldn’t provide Israel Military aid – and this is all symbolic of Obama’s Israel record. She also has gone on record accusing Israel of war crimes while castigating America for providing the Jewish state critical military aid—a long-term investment that has bolstered U.S. security interests.

Yet, both the mainstream media, as well as many of Obama’s supporters choose to maniacally ignore this donor’s statements and actions.  It’s telling of bias against the Jews – what else can it be?

As the San Diego Jewish World has reported, next week the University of California San Diego will present, “Israel Hate Week – also known as Israel Apartheid Week, Justice in Palestine Week, Anti-Israel Week and, by the other side, Israel Solidarity Week.” Bluntly, it’s simply sickening – Could one imagine a “Hate Mexico Week”, a “Hate the Homosexuals Week”, or “Hate the Irish Week” – Never ever.  If it’s Jews, it’s somehow allowed on campuses, and not featured in the media.

It is simply amazing how; indeed Israel is unique among the nations. A democracy (even with faults), and sovereign country – they are the only nation in the world whose right to exist is a matter of routine. Not Syria, where thousands of people have been slaughtered by their leaders in the last few months, not Libya, or China, or Russia where few seem to know the word “”human rights” – these other countries don’t have people speaking out the same way.

There is a sick double standard against Israel and Jews. Owning a PR agency, I wish the Jews controlled the media – but a simple review of stories that are ignored shows it’s far from the truth.